Why linen fabric?

Why linen

Short answer: Linen fabric is just better! ;)

But, also:

Linen fabric is SUSTAINABLE

Linen is a sustainable fabric - it is a renewable resource and it is 100% biodegradable fabric which decomposes in just 2 weeks.

Linen fabric is GREENER

The environmental footprint of linen is dramatically smaller than cotton and other synthetic fabrics. Uses up to 30 times less water and 20 times less energy to produce than cotton and nothing goes to waste. Linen is made from the Flax plant which requires no chemicals to grow and harvest. The Flax plant also provides a greater harvest per acre than cotton. There is little waste with Flax, other parts of the plant, like the seeds can be used to produce linseed or linseed oil.

Linen fabric is ECO-FRIENDLY

3.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide are absorbed by a hectare of flax plants annually and converted into oxygen. This emission is equivalent to driving an average car 300 times around the Earth – and only from one hectare!

Linen fabric is HYPOALLERGENIC

Linen is naturally hypoallergenic fabric so it won’t trigger allergies on soft baby skin.

Linen fabric is WARM, YET COOL

Good conductor of heat, keeping warm inside, while the outside stays cool and airy to touch.

Linen fabric is ANTI-BACTERIAL

Linen has greater bacteria-fighting powers than similar materials.

Linen fabric is STRONG + LONG-LASTING

Linen is exceptionally long-lasting and it is one of the few fabrics that actually get better with age. It becomes softer, smoother and more absorbent – ideal fabric for kids' clothing.


It’s the oldest textile material in the world. First used 8,000 years ago in the Mediterranean, it made its way around the world until the 18th century, when mass-produced cotton came along and provided a much cheaper option.

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